PVG Scheme Guidance / Safeguarding

PVG Scheme Guidance / Safeguarding

Dear all

Please see an email below from the Scottish Government regarding feedback requested from faith and belief communities on PVG scheme membership.

The Disclosure (Scotland) Act 2020 introduced ‘regulated roles’ to define whether PVG scheme membership is required. The Act is scheduled to come into force next year.

Disclosure Scotland (DS) are keen to get feedback from faith and belief organisations on draft guidance to support the PVG scheme.

DS have developed draft guidance to help you understand if certain positions are regulated roles. They would like the opportunity to discuss this draft guidance, to ensure it is clear and covers all the key points.

DS plan to produce guidance around regulated roles in formats that meet their customers’ needs. They would also welcome your views on the best ways to provide guidance that would meet your needs e.g.: videos / digital.

The session will last around one hour. You will be asked to review the draft guidance and provide feedback.  You will also be asked to bring examples of roles from your sector or organisation that you think could be regulated roles.  During the session, you’ll work within groups to apply the guidance to these roles. Your feedback will help to inform where DS can improve this guidance further and will help you to understand the guidance in practical terms.

Disclosure Scotland intend to hold this session some time between April and June this year. If you are interested in participating in this session, please contact Gareth Wilks, Head of Customer Engagement at Disclosure Scotland, via gareth.wilks@disclosurescotland.gov.scot

Please also indicate any dates where you would be unavailable during April, May and June, whether you would prefer to participate in person or via Microsoft Teams.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Gareth via the email above.

Many thanks for your support with this important work,

Sara Thorpe