Children and Youth Officer Welcome

Hello from James Gardner - Diocesan Children and Youth Officer

Hello,  I’m James Gardner and the Children and Youth officer in St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane. Welcome to our Children and Young People’s page. Here you can find out about some of the exciting work that goes on within the Diocese, and throughout the Scottish Episcopal Church.

My role within the Diocese to:

  1. Promote and support young people’s work throughout the Diocese.
  2. Maintain contacts with individual congregations who have Young Church/Youth Fellowships. Acting as a source  of knowledge and point of reference for Youth Leaders within individual congregations.
  1. Visit YF and Young Church as and when required or requested.
  2. In conjunction with Diocesan Youth Committee, develop and co-ordinate Diocesan Youth Days.
  3. Support congregations in development of youth work via advice, support, planning, policies and procedures.
  4. Develop, together with the Youth Committee, Diocesan Gatherings specifically for young people Held at the Cathedral(e.g. Quiet Days, Worship, Meet the Bishop etc).
  5. Encourage the active engagement of young people in all decision-making bodies including Vestry, Diocesan Synod, Diocesan Committees.
  1. Work with Rectors/Priests in Charge to encourage young people to engage and participate in worship services.
  1. Act as a point of contact between the Provincial Youth Network and Provincial Youth Committee and the Diocesan Youth Forum, promoting for example, Glen and the Provincial Youth Weekends.
  2. Ensure that all SEC Safeguarding policies are upheld.

Our Mission with Children and Young People

Our churches warmly welcome young people of all ages. Clergy, Volunteers and Children and Youth Leaders across the Diocese are working hard to include young people in church and encourage them to deepen their faith. We do this by:

  • listening  to our young people,
  • valuing their insights and questions about God, life and church,
  • by being fellow Christians walking along side them in the journey of faith.

The Youth and Children Officer is a central point of contact for all churches in their work with children and young people, and can provide support to any church looking to expand or develop Children and Youth activities in their churches.

James Gardner is our Diocesan Children and Youth Officer and can be contacted by:

Tel: 01828 670473

Diocesan Youth Committee

Diocesan Youth Committee

The Diocesan Youth Committee was set up in November 2020. The Youth Committee’s remit is to resource young people’s work in the diocese and to support the Diocesan Youth Officer. A number of charges have Young Church and Youth Fellowships.

The remit of the Committee is as follows.

  • First to act as a support to the Diocesan Children and  Youth Officer.
  • Second to promote the collegiality of youth work within the Diocese, to engage with the young people by, for example hosting youth events at the Cathedral, visiting local diocesan Youth Fellowships and Young Church. To raise the profile of the committee and to build a knowledge base so that the Diocese comes to regard the committee as a resource and source of support for individual congregation’s activities.
  • Third to engage with the local community through contacts with education and established organisations to ask what the SEC can do to help support them in a non-denominational way.

The Youth Committee can be contacted by emailing

Church of the Future Competition Lent 2021

Glen 21, The Provincial Youth Week is now taking booking for Glen 21. It is not know yet, whether it will be a physical week in person, or online. However last year Glen 20 worked online, so the Leadership team are planning for Glen 21 as going to be taking place.

The dates for Glen 21 are the 1st August – 7th August, and the registration form can be found here

The Diocesan Youth Committee in response to General Synod 2020 vote to move our churches to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 are running a competition for all ages to design a Carbon Netural Church. The Competition dates are Ash Wednesday 17th February 2021 – Holy Saturday 3rd April 2021. More information can be found in the Church of the Future Competition Entry and Information pack below.

We look forward to seeing your entries.