The life of our diocese is sustained by the faithfulness and passion of our people and their clergy.  

We value the commitment of our congregations and encourage them to be outward-facing communities of faith.

Out of the Casting the Net initiative, we have developed a variety of resources to support congregations in their efforts to engage in God’s Mission in the world and to grow in both depth and breadth.  Some of these resources are connected directly to the Nine Marks of Mission and others are broader in scope.

Our most significant resource is the development of our Growing Congregations programme. Inspired by and built upon the success of the Mission Action Planning process which was used for many years in this diocese, Growing Congregations helps local churches and church leaders develop a plan and strategy for how they will engage the communities around them, share the gospel through word and deed, and develop their gifts and strengths.

We have also developed a network of Casting the Net Liaison Officers (CtNLOs). These faithful women and men work within local congregations to share news of training events and available resources that might help those congregations grow and develop their mission engagement. They also share news and information about the extraordinary range of mission activities being undertaken in local congregations across the diocese.

Among many study days and learning events during the year, there is also the Annual Diocesan Gathering. Each year, a theme is set for the gathering that will be carried throughout our other training events. This theme may be one of the Nine Marks of Mission or one of the four mission and ministry areas that Casting the Net focuses on:

The Diocesan Gathering is a tremendous event. Each year about 100 people of all ages from across the diocese come together to learn, share and grow. Together, as a diocese, we discuss ways in which we might grow in our missional engagement, how we might deepen our faith and enrich our worship. It is a time not only of training, but also of nurture.

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