NEW BEGINNING – Socially Distanced Worship

NEW BEGINNING – Socially Distanced Worship

Our Church had its first Eucharist Service last Sunday in a church now specified to take only 20 for worship.

Our Priest-in-charge being the gate keeper where you had to log on to attend by emailing that you wish to be present. Many of our members phoned in the days beforehand to discuss how our service would go, even after having a printed service sheet beforehand.

In the end many members held back because they were unsure that they could go a long time with a “face mask on” (majority being over 70 and many much older).

All they wanted to know was ‘how long this service would last??’

I felt the omens were good. The service sheet had no list of a talk or sermon, but I knew in my heart of hearts that our Priest after no face to face worship was not going to pass up the chance of a sermon. Flash to bang the service started at 11.00 am and by 11.45 am, it was over. It was a good well paced, crisp service with our digital organ producing music during the service.

Our Priest did us proud!

The congregation after the service were all ringing round, to see how it had gone and much more important – how long had it lasted! 

I have had emails to say they have heard and want to give it a go!

There are some who have said they are holding back for more information and re-assurance and that is how it should be in the days of return to church (COVID19).


The notes of a Vestry Secty. ANON. Sept 2020

St. Andrews Dunkeld and Dunblane Diocese