Area Council Gatherings

Area Council Gatherings

I am looking forward very much to the four Area Gatherings and would like to invite as many people as possible from every Charge to attend the Gathering in their own area. The Gathering is a time to express that we belong together in a Church that extends beyond our own congregation and that we are called to support and encourage one another in neighbouring Charges and in the Diocese.

Details about place and time have been sent to you by your Area Council Convener and Secretary. The dates are:

St Andrews West Area   Saturday 23rd October

St Andrews East Area    Saturday 30th October

Dunkeld Area                 Saturday 6th November

Dunblane Area               Saturday 13th November

At each of the Gatherings there will be worship, arranged by members of the Area Council, workshops at which I and members of the Diocese will give information and invite comments and questions about plans for Pilgrimage in 2022, and for Climate Change action in the next few years. We will be giving you practical ideas and resources to take back to your Congregations.

Please make sure everyone in your congregation knows about your Area Gathering, and if possible responds to your Area Council as requested in the information sent out, or to the Diocesan Office who will pass on the responses (

With warm regards and thanks,

Bishop Ian