An update from your Digital Missioner

An update from your Digital Missioner

Pentecost blessings!

Thanks to all those who have responded to the digital mission and assessment surveys this month!  Just over half of the charges in the diocese have replied so far and a number of others have been in touch as they are actively considering their situations.  I am working through them as swiftly as possible, with particular focus on those who wish to make an application for the Renewal and Recovery Fund.  A reminder that applications should be submitted to Carol at the diocese by 16th July.

Thank you for your patience, I appreciate all your efforts to assess your digital presence and mission.  Surveys and digital communications do not replace the need for personal contact, but they do help to identify areas of priority for more effective and timely engagement, especially when it is not possible to be in so many places or to have so many conversations at once.

If you have not heard from me directly yet in response to your completed survey, you can expect me to be in touch with you over the next week.  But please don’t wait to contact me in the meantime if you have immediate needs.  Once the initial push for getting funding applications submitted is over, I also look forward to getting in touch with the rest of our congregations and visiting each of you when possible!

What I am hearing from you…

In addition to supporting those who wish to make an application for funding, the surveys are helping me to identify priority areas of focus beyond that.

Based on responses so far, the most important or pressing needs seem to be:

  • Equipping for digital broadcast or livestream of public worship.
  • Website setup or updating.
  • People! Finding and training a team to assist.

I hear you, and am considering ways to best support you in these efforts, including building a network of resources that can be leveraged across the diocese, best practices guidelines and ‘webinar’ type training.  Watch for more details!

Many have also expressed a poignant desire to care for the members of your congregation and their needs before considering new or updated outreach efforts, digital or otherwise.  This serves as a reminder that behind the digital push to stay connected within and beyond our communities is our mission to love those whom God has given us – fellow-Christians, neighbours, co-workers, strangers.  At the heart of ‘digital mission’ is mission, and I am committed to support you in yours.

At the diocesan level, we are also undertaking similar assessments and considerations, keeping in mind OUR mission as

a thriving group of hopeful, caring and committed congregations whose shared life, worship and effective engagement with people and issues in their communities attracts growing numbers of people from diverse backgrounds to share the values and work of our church.’

May it be so.

With every blessing on your digital pilgrimage,


Karen McClain Kiefer

Diocesan Digital Missioner