Synod began with a Diocesan Eucharist in which two new canons, Rev Christine Fraser and Rev Graham Taylor, were installed.

Synod business included news of a new Diocesan Communications Group to be set up and the endorsement of the diocesan Gender Justice group.

A cheque from last year’s Bishop’s Lent Appeal was presented to Rev. Canon Dr Anne Tomlinson from SEI.

In the Bishop’s Charge to the diocese, Bishop Ian introduced new ideas for the diocese and outlined his plans for the future.



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Shrove Tuesday is more commonly known as Pancake Day and has always been marked at Holy Trinity by a party.

The Pancake Party has been a marker in Holy Trinity’s calendar and whilst always with food has been accompanied in the past by Music, Ceilidhs and now the YF lead Quiz.

Shrove means confess and is a time when traditionally the cupboards were emptied in preparation of the fasting of Lent. Pancakes were a simple way to use up what was left and have them in turn become part of that tradition.

56% of people vote lemon as their top topping , this was one of many facts in the Quiz which included trying to guess the highest pancake toss (9m 47cm) or the most pancakes eaten in an hour (1092) at Holy Trinity the record being 19. Why not join them next year and see if you can beat it?

Many Pancakes at Holy Trinity Church, Dunfermline, with many toppings.


At St Andrew’s, St Andrews, a rectory full of small people for the pancake party.



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Clergy and Lay Readers from the diocese gathered at St Peter’s, Kirkcaldy for the first diocesan study day this year. In the morning they reflected on the coming Sunday’s Gospel reading and shared their thoughts on mission, ending with midday prayer led by Revd Christine Fraser.

The afternoon session was led by the LGBT+ group from Kirkcaldy High School and their teacher Paul Murray.

Bishop Ian thanked the visitors for their open and helpful workshop.  In appreciation of their presentation Bishop Ian presented the group with a sculpture by the artist Timothy Schmalz of the Homeless Jesus.



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It is nearly time to start their Summer opening time for visitors!!   They love showing their newly restored building to visitors but could do with more volunteers to welcome people.

If you think you could help please let the Cathedral  know. They would be extremely grateful (and might even show you where the biscuits are kept!)!

Contact details are:  01738 632053 or




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Ash Wednesday was a shared occasion for Perth’s two city centre St John’s churches. At 1pm there was a service at St John’s Kirk and at 7.30pm there was a service at St John the Baptist. The clergy: Rev John Murdoch and Rev Graham Taylor and the congregations appreciated this opportunity to worship together and hope to build on this renewed fellowship in the coming months and years.


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