Diocesan Visit to Kolkata 2018 – Day 8

This morning we visited St James Church where it was great to meet people from the party last night. This is the church that St Mary’s, Dunblane have a link with and we brought cards we had been given for members of the church.
We visited the Mother House of the Sisters of Charity, and the colours of the nuns robes chosen by Mother Theresa, have been adopted by the city as the colours of Kolkata to show their respect for her work. This includes the light on the lampposts which Bob mentioned earlier. We also met the people who
worked in the TB Clinic which treats local people, including some of the nuns, who contract the disease through their work with the very poor.
The a quick look at the site of the Child Development Project, before a tour of the church and refreshments.

We then went to the Scottish Churches Collegiate School (SCCS) founded by Alexander Duff, born in Pitlochry which is part of Liz’s Charge. We hope the local school in Pitlochry will be able to link with the SCCS. Moves are underway to enable this.

We visited St. John’s which before St. Paul’s Cathedral was the Cathedral of the Diocese. We were shown around the church and some wonderful paints and pictures. We also visited memorial sites in the grounds and then went over to Bishop Ashoke Biswas’s residences, which we were invited to by letter given to each of us at the dinner the night before.

Later this afternoon we had tea with Bishop Ashoke Biswas and some of his staff, we left after about an hour laden with gifts both for ourselves and others.

Now at the hotel just at the end of the stay.