COP26 Pilgrimages

COP26 Pilgrimages

Over recent months I have been representing SPRF at regular Zoom meetings hosted by CIDSE in Brussels for planning and organization of several international pilgrimages arriving in Glasgow for the COP26 Conference which is now due to open on 31st October.

As a part of these plans, there will also be a programme of ecumenical and inter-faith events taking place in Glasgow over the three days leading up to the Conference opening hosted by a variety of church and faith groups.  An ecumenical service is being planned in St Mungo’s Cathedral on Sunday 7th November after the close of the Conference.

At least four separate Climate Justice pilgrimages are taking place, and you can now pick up full details via the following websites:

Get Docht (Katowice, Poland to Glasgow):

Pilgrims Walk for the Future (Vadstena, Sweden to Glasgow):

Camino to COP (London & Bristol to Glasgow):

Relay to COP – YCCN ( Cornwall to Glasgow):

As you will see, some of these pilgrimages are already under way.

If you or a group from your church would like to get involved please contact the organisers at the websites above.

Nick Cooke