We believe that healthy congregations make children, young people and their families and communities a priority in their congregational life.

We know from anecdote and evidence that growing congregations tend to be congregations that serve its youngest members well. Through our Child Friendly Church Charter, we make specific commitments to develop church families which welcome and respond to children, young people and their families. The Child Friendly Church Charter says:

  • Everyone is made welcome in our church.
  • We believe that our church community is enriched by the presence of children and families.
  • We are a community  where children are nurtured in the Christian faith.
  • We reach out to children and young people.
  • We seek to involve children and young people in our life and worship.
  • We provide space and materials for faith-based play.
  • We uphold best practice in methods of Christian education.
  • We provide a safe environment in our church.
  • We uphold the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Policy of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

We encourage our congregations to support and value teenagers through involving them in worship and congregational activities. We promote the Glenalmond Youth Weeks, which is an important way in which the Scottish Episcopal Church works with its younger members. We have also developed a Youth Ministry Learning Network for select congregations to work together in support of their ministry with young people. In addition, we provide support and training for those in our congregations who teach and nurture our children and young people. We are developing and gathering resources (see link below) and bringing young church leaders together for fellowship and training events specific to ministry with children and young people.


Details of forthcoming events for children, young people and young church leaders are available on What’s On section.


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