The Bishop’s Lent Appeal 2023

The USPG, as part of this year’s Lent Appeal, encourages us to acknowledge that our neighbours are not just those in our hometowns. Your neighbour is the person that God calls you to love despite your differences.

We pray with our Church partners around the world and stand with their mission to support vulnerable people in their local communities. Please join the global Anglican church in transforming lives. To find out more about this year’s Lent appeal and make a donation, visit

This year we stand with and pray for our neighbours in Tanzania and Sri Lanka.

We have the opportunity, through this appeal, to help the USPG fund the work of our partner churches there and their life changing programmes:

  • The Church of Tanzania’s Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV programme

In the Chamwino district of Tanzania almost all women of reproductive age were afraid to go into hospitals. The Church of Tanzania’s prevention programme provides both the practical and medical support needed to prevent the virus being passed on from mothers to their children. Thanks to this programme, babies are being born HIV free, breaking the chain of infection.

With your kind donations to our Lent appeal, this programme can continue change a generation.

  • The Church of Ceylon’s response to the economic crisis in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is undergoing its worst economic crisis since the country’s independence in 1948. The soaring cost of living caused by food and fuel shortages has caused power cuts, a lack of medicines and the near collapse of the health system in the country.

With your support, The Churchof Ceylon, Diocese of Kurunagala can continue to supply food and essentials to vulnerable people in their local communities.

Further information on these important programmes and an accompanying Lenten Study Course Who is Our Neighbour? can be found here.